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Rutland High School Macon, GA

UWG – portfolio-assessment program allows non-earning traditional students a balance of your work on the basis of an examination by the faculty. Point University faith-learning integrated into the online classroom, what learning for a unique online environment. Student life-activities of Mr. and Miss BHU pageant, convenient, book-exchange, and the student self-administration. For example, that students who reside in student housing you will enjoy blazing internet speeds and extensive support. For example, the University is among the top 10% of institutions at the national level by the Carnegie Foundation because of its ongoing joint efforts with the community.. School-online program participates in the Georgia ONmyLINE program, in order for the students to courses from other online institutions, such as a flexible and cost-effective way of the study. Based in the famous University town of Athens, Georgia, UGA has numerous locations throughout the state, with the Campus and the satellite on approximately 41,000 acres in 30 countries. On Jekyll Island are issued to full-time students, and enjoy off the student campus-paddle boarding and kayaking excursions on St

  1. With initiatives like Georgia view, GeorgiaONmyLINE and a number of state online degrees, the state has proven to be surprisingly inventive when it comes to the limits of distance learning.
  2. Study advice, library services and financial aid are all available to online learners in LaGrange.
  3. Adult learners will be able to access the library, bookstore, career development, and other resources to advance their education In addition to the curriculum so that the students their first two years at the University of-core fits in with the eCore requirements, completely online.
  4. 83% of students receive financial aid.

His mission is to inspire life-long learners, and he achieved this goal through the expansion of the Campus and the courses a student will fit needs. Other clubs include the belly dance troupe, student government, honor societies, and sororities, and student media such as Newspapers, radio and TV. Internet-based, learners can earn an undergraduate or graduate certificates and diplomas in a variety of subjects. The University is based on Baptist, faith, principles, and Ministry that promotes world missions Center, and local churches. Other student-life-events-to-honor societies, public art, and clubs such as the Delta Club, and psychology Club. Clubs and courses emphasize the underwater world with a Marine Science Club and a major dedicated Aquarium science. Hybrid programs are available for those who want face-to-face interaction, while participation in one of the online schools in Georgia.. School-online program is particularly noteworthy among the online colleges in Georgia, in part because of its availability for the residents of most States, and because it offers fully online and blended courses for those with limited education. Brenau hosts more than 50 clubs and organizations, as well as activities to help on-campus students, to engage. The average class size is 17.5 and 47 different academic programs available. On-campus activities include trips, a travel-lecture series by the name of 3D, to study the Bible, LIFT (leaders Inspired for Tomorrow), and others.

Crawford County High School

Resources for online students, the Online classroom support staff that promptly answer any questions, and online students. The school has a low student-to-faculty ratio of small 11-to-one and on-campus students participate in 14 sports teams, and enjoy the school of art (the collection notice, the numbers over 6,500 pieces). They are also slightly offset, of the EPA, to change so that it is easy for universities and even complete your degree online.

  1. All programs are fully online, but in the faculty, registration assistance, and financial assistance is to be provided, from beginning to end.
  2. A long list of associated programs and certificates through its online curriculum, with topics from mathematics to leisure management in computer science..
  3. Find trip ideas, attractions, Restaurants, events, activities, accommodations, map, travel resources and much more.
  4. Its innovative library is certified LEED silver and has unique resources for helping students achieve more.
  5. Brenau unique Gainesville campus has a bamboo forest, a statue of Harriet Tubman, the northeast Georgia History Center and a remarkable garden.
  6. The world missions Center is coordinating the local and missions abroad, tours and research visits for students and faculty to learn and to grow together outside of the classroom.

With an average class size of 10, Thomas its rich history, the small, intimate classes in a hug.

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