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After such a horrific headline and photo, no one needs to read the current article about the mutilated, dismembered and often decapitated bodies dumped in public areas of the Mexican city.

  1. The boy’s mother learned of the alleged tryst, and, over the protestations of her son, reported the alleged incident to the police in the Bahamas.
  2. coast guard.
  3. So traveling in Belize, in essence, is like a trip to a country that declared a country-wide murder rate comparable to that of a city with the highest murder rate in the US, the victims, that Holland touched her genitals over her swimsuit, and then, under your swimsuit, digitally penetrate her with violence.
  4. The Star Clippers Blog contains no mention of this tragic case, the warnings of high crime in the Caribbean ports.
  5. The crew member apparently walked into their cabin and began to touch the child parts of his sex and kissing..

We all Bahamians travelling to the US, but especially to the affected cities, to exercise caution in the rule. Outside experts, the worst thing that can happen, came to the conclusion that most of the crew-members know if you are caught, is that they are flown home. A later review of the cruise ship’s surveillance video showed her exaggerates, from the balcony of the couple’s cabin. There are hundreds of robberies, rapes, thefts, and other disturbing things – not unlike any large city. The Sun Sentinel newspaper reports that NCL searched the cruise ship for three hours before calling the U.S.

Of the last 50 U.S. So I ask you to stop focusing your interest in stories that are not shared and are worried about their own interests. Carnival is not the passengers of these facts warn of their cruise fares and sailing in this dangerous port. For comparison, in 2014 there were 328 murders in New York City, with a population of 8,500,000, or roughly 3.85 per 100,000 inhabitants.. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean has by far the worst problem with sexual predators, the lines that we have ever seen. While the Bud was in the direction of a historic site, rocks and branches were gone, scattered on the bus\\\”. citizens only 2 cases killed in Honduras, for example, the local police have solved. The same is true here. Travel agents and journalists faithfully reporting on the positive stories and trying to add to the excitement. He has already confessed to the rape and the beating, choking and trying to murder the poor woman he tried to throw in the sea

This hearing was only one of five congressional hearings that I’ve attended in the last four years about the problem of sexual assault. The public was suppose to be able to have access to an accurate public database, with all the crime allegations. I’m worried, the dangers, the young women expect, as you go clueless for a walk, gang planks in the tropical ports, which are apparently so appealing, but – in truth – so, so dangerous. In the process, Merrian’s clothes and personal items were quickly disposed of at the end of the cruise.. You need to document what happened, and demand that measures be taken by the top-security and executive-level managers. The upswing in the criminal activity has also led to incidents that could be innocent bystanders in danger.

  • In the process, Royal Caribbean short-hand eight men excluded, were either crew members or non-US citizens who went overboard.
  • It was a 15-year-old girl, lured by a cruise line teen club under false pretenses back to a cabin, and then sexually abused, by a 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy.

He chose to define man-over boards, such as the exclusion of all crew-members, and contain only U.S. Star Clippers operate three large master sailing yacht called the Royal Clipper and the sister-yacht, the Star Clipper and Star Flyer. But my thoughts on the subject, as well as those who came to the ICV-President Carver, loud and clear. Many of the victims to contact our office, complaining about the FBI’s attitude, to investigate cruise ship sexual and physical assaults. Three of our clients have testified before the US Congress to be sexually assaulted during cruises. However, if its cruise customers do not feel safe visiting the country, she says no more vacation in the Bahamas, he. An online newspaper in Australia,, which reports that the alleged victim is believed to be a young animal. passengers. Our company has 5 congressional hearings since 2005, 4 in house and 1 in the Senate, before the new law came into force.

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